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WHITEPAPER: 2020 Global telecoms quality of service report

With a data set of hundreds of millions of data points across 2020, our global inbound voice call testing allows us to glean unique insights. We looked at the results of test calls placed in each of the 49 countries selected for analysis and this report highlights the poorest and best-performing countries for both connectivity and audio quality. Discover in our updated whitepaper the highest and lowest performing countries for connectivity, audio quality, and post-dial delay (PDD). Find out

WHITEPAPER: How reliable are fax communications?

In this whitepaper, we examine the role fax plays as one of the most commonly used forms of communication across a wide variety of sectors, such as medical, financial and legal. One of our responsibilities as thought leaders is to help educate and guide global organizations about where they can improve their networks by providing excellent standards of communication with their customers. Throughout this whitepaper, we will explore what sectors rely on fax communications, provide insight and dis

Why preparing your video conferences is essential

In a recent podcast episode, Spearline Enterprise Sales Manager, Emmanuelle O’Donovan spoke with Josh and Kees about the importance of audio for virtual events and conferences. Emmanuelle shared her varied portfolio of experiences in the telecommunications, conferencing, and business development sectors throughout the interview. She began the discussion, talking about how the conferencing sector has drastically changed over the years. With new trends constantly emerging, she believes that while

Podcast | Season 2 Episode 8: How important is audio for virtual events and conferences?

In the latest episode of the Spearline Podcast, Josh and Kees are joined by Spearline Enterprise Sales Manager, Emmanuelle O’Donovan. We discussed the vital role audio plays in managing virtual events and conferences online. Emmanuelle also shared the best tips for preparing large conference calls and events involving multiple participants, the need for good service availability, as well as her role in Spearline, and her experiences in the conferencing and event management industry as a whole.

Nothing Ever Ends: The Watchmen Legacy

It is December 18th, 2019. I hold in my hands a copy of the twelve and final issue of 'Doomsday Clock', DC Comics' attempt at creating a sequel to one of the most groundbreaking graphic novels ever made. It is December 15th, 2019. Three days before I read the final issue of Doomsday Clock, I am sitting and watching the final episode of HBO's attempt at creating a sequel to one of the most groundbreaking graphic novels ever made. It is August 8th, 2009. I sit and watch a copy of Zack Snyder's a

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